About Amandine Lavender

Our Beginnings

Amandine Lavender is a small, family owned and operated business. In 2008, Amandine Lavender was established to introduce an alternative industry to the existing sugarcane farm at Bargara, near Bundaberg.

The original cane farm, which has since been sold by the family, produced 1000 tonnes of sugar annually from more than 6000 tonnes of cane.

Nowadays, Amandine Lavender proudly flies the flag in the Bundaberg region for agritourism and diversification.

Our Lavender

Amandine Lavender predominantly grows Lavandula Dentata but a range of other lavender varieties are sprinkled throughout the country garden. Lavandula Dentata flourishes in the Bundaberg Region with the help of the sub-tropical climate of the Coral Coast. Amandine Lavender is a boutique rural enterprise and therefore grows only enough lavender to supply the gift shop onsite.

The Experience

At Amandine Lavender locals and tourists alike can enjoy a self-guided journey where you can wander the lavender patch and enjoy the features of the country garden, dabble at the gardener’s bench and learn how to propagate your own lavender, take some time out in the gazebo and discover valuable uses for lavender, or browse the products and gifts in the air-conditioned shop. The Amandine Lavender Gift Shop offers a collection of lavender products to calm and relax, and fragrance your home. You will also find an assortment of gifts and aromatherapy products, and personalised gift packaging and wrapping is available.
Amandine Lavender is another sweet destination in the region that brings you turtles hatching on the beach at Mon Repos, Bundaberg Rum, Bundaberg Ginger Beer and Bundaberg Sugar.

Amandine Lavender

10 am - 4pm daily except Xmas & some public holidays (please call ahead)

288 Seaview Rd, Bargara QLD 4670

(07) 4154 7314


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